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Concept of the person
Concept of the person

At the beginning of the 21st century, the environmental conditions of companies have dramatically changed.

To maintain their competitiveness, companies –regardless of size, national or international structure, are forced to permanently improve their value-adding and administrative processes in order to satisfy the ever-increasing requirements of their customers in regards to cost, delivery and quality.

We can identify Man, Machine and Material as the most important parameters of the organization, with Man having the most significant role in a world of decreasing product life cycles and increasing product diversity, due to the unique flexibility of this production factor. In production and logistics, Man with his experiences and knowledge, carries the key to good processes, today and tomorrow.

In production, men and women use tools (machines, methods, systems…) to transform material and add value to it.

Man is however the only dynamic factor in the production process, because unlike Machines and Materials, he can:

Think, Learn and Communicate.

We want man to be in control again in the production operations instead of merely serving machines. To do this, we must let go of our Taylorist mental models which leads us, for example, to dream of a workerless factory.
Instead of mindless robots replacing people, people must be present as thinking, learning agents inside the production process. 
Man as a social being should be brought back as the point of focus and should be in a commanding position over the system instead of being subordinate to the system as in the mechanistic Taylorist thought model.
In addition, team members should be able to reflect on their work, to exchange ideas about their work, and improve their own work tasks.
Insofar as our „biological“ conception of man is concerned, as it is impressed upon us by our Sensei Shunji Yagyu and Dr. Fujimoto’s theories, Man is the only factor that can improve the other two, and itself. Only people can reflect, feel, jointly create, fundamentally learn from this, improve, and integrate themselves in social groups where they already spend a big part of their lives.

The Lean Alliance training modules have the goal of helping people reinforce their natural need to improve things.
The standard helps people share their knowledge with others and to further reflect in a systematic manner and as a team.
We wish to counteract one of the greatest waste of resources there is, namely the waste of employees’ knowledge and intelligence.


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