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Reducing time to market

“What appears to be the problem, isn't.
What appears to be the solution, isn't.
What appears to be impossible, isn't”

(Mike Morrsion, Toyota VP)

Toyota’s efficient production process is envied and copied everywhere, but its development process and ability to bring new products to market in record time is even more admirable. However, the knowledge of Lean Engineering is not as readily available as it is for Lean Manufacturing.

Lean Engineering is fundamentally about acquiring, retrieving and improving technical knowledge in a context of complex organizational relationships. To achieve this objective, corporations may need to set different priorities for their development teams. Whereas in lean manufacturing, physical structures and constraints play a big role in making the production system function correctly, in lean engineering it is a set of organizational and procedural structures that have to be carefully erected. We aim to help you achieve this.

Our Lean Engineering training is a high-level program based on first-hand engineering experience at Toyota and elsewhere, which will enable participants to build a development system from scratch, or adapt an existing one. Five one-week sessions interspersed with application periods cover the system of lean, the capture and analysis of customer value, the specific tools and thinking techniques to achieve maximum quality of development deliverables, in-depth exploration of organizational designs, critical-chain project management, and soft skills development.

As with all our trainings, two trainers are always present, on-line coaching is available at all times, and a full certification process is designed to ensure that concepts are effectively applied in your organization and deliver measurable results.


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