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Code of Conduct

Lean Alliance Code of Conduct

"That which they learned yesterday, they want to teach today."
Schiller, Kabale und Liebe

1. We actively listen to our clients, and help them to retain the responsibility of building up their own Lean competences.
  Our goal is to transfer our practical experience to our customers.
2. We gain our customers' trust by developing tailor made solutions in collaboration with them. This way we can not sell them anything that they don't need.
  Our training packages will be adjusted according to our customers' specific needs.
3. We create a suitable learning environment, enabling training, which assures ongoing improvement.
  We help our customers to work in Kaizen teams, which will inspire them to practice continuous learning.
4. We are always questioning the status-quo and are improving our own products continuously.
  We are constantly working on improving the quality of our service using the PDCA system in co-operation with our clients and our own service providers.
5. We integrate our customers and our service providers into our value stream, helping each other to evolve one step at a time.
  We see our customers and service providers as a part of our value stream.
6. Our employees feel like they are "at home" with the Lean Alliance.
  If anyone can move mountains, it is a team which stands for the same values and shares the same goal.
7. We generate a meaningful contribution to society.
  We would like our work and our actions to be based on the encouragement of a meaningful existence and working life, not on profit margins.


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