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Lean Alliance Beliefs

"The others (leaders) all want to be managers, not teachers."
Taiichi Ohno

1. The Toyota Production System is a system for developing people.
  The Toyota Production System is more than a tool box with which you can optimize the production. It is a training system.
2. Becoming Lean depends on the continuous changes and improvements that come from you.
  A continuous improvement process (CIP) can only work, if it can maintain itself without the need for external resources. It is not something you can buy.
3. A company won´t become Lean trough "Power Pointing", but  "Gembaing".
  CIP will only grow from the bottom up if the management has a long-term interest in the problems of the people on the shop-floor.
4. To learn in a problem solving culture, you must allow mistakes to be made and become transparent ("Bad news is ok for improvement").
  You will build up a continuous improvement process using the "Go & Try" method. Essentially it is like riding a bike. Only those who are allowed to fall down will learn how (or want, can, be allowed), to get back up again and contemplate what happened. This will lead to long-term success.
5. The responsibility of controlling and leading the Lean transformation process lies with the management.
  Essentially Lean has more to do with corporate culture than Kanban, SMED or One Piece Flow. Shaping the culture and showing how to live it can only be done by the management.
6. Every problem has a solution. ("Nothing is impossible!"), and the best ideas will always come from the employees who are involved in the process.
  You can wring water out of the driest of towels, and those who can do it best are the ones who have to deal with the same problems every day.
7. Training and developing human resources are valuable investments.
  In a world which is increasing in speed and complexity, qualified people are becoming a necessity. Developing human resources is therefore becoming more important. As its importance increases so does the significance of measuring its success.


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