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Corporate Governance

Lean Alliance
Corporate Governance

"A company that only makes money is a poor company."
Henry Ford

Corporate Governance
The selection process of a Lean transformation partner is a critical one as it is the foundation for a successful, long-term business relationship. Our actions will mirror the fact that our trainings and coachings are tailored to suit our customer's needs and not our own.

As the best Lean ideas will not come from us, but from our customers who combine our competencies with their insider knowledge, it is important to create a business relationship which is built on trust.

We know that a corporate culture, which is shaped by integrity, passion and respect, will create positive values, which will be in the best interests of our customers CIP strategy.

  We see mutual respect as a critical factor of ensuring a long lasting and successful relationship with our client. This respect will be shaped by values, beliefs and actions.

TPS places its main focus on people and is therefore an important part of the corporate culture and not simply a tool. Essentially it is nothing more than the cumulated experiences and behaviours of the employees who practice Lean. As the Lean Alliance actually accompanies the customer during these important process changes, we find it important to substantiate this trust with our own corporate governance.

Our corporate governance encompasses all the values and principles which make up the corporate leadership of the Lean Alliance GmbH and is therefore a part of our own corporate culture.

Values represent characteristics which are important and desirable for us; beliefs describe the rules which we want to follow in order to attain our values.

Our code of conduct shows our own commitment towards following the pattern of behaviour that we have defined.

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