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Lean Manufacturing and Lean Transactions

"I can give you a diploma ..., but I can't give you a brain!"
(The wizard of Oz to the scarecrow)

Our goal is for our certification process to set an industry standard for human resource development in the field of Lean Manufacturing.

  • The emphasis is on “real world” implementation of the acquired knowledge

This way we can ensure that our trainings have a constant level of quality and that our trainees always have the same level of understanding. The proof lies in the successful “real world” implementation of the knowledge which has been acquired during the training, and not just the training itself. This is where our certification process comes into its own.

The participants get to apply the tools they have learned, within their own organization, in order to fulfill their “deliverables” requirement.
The certification process is a permanent part of our concept and finalizes the training.

  • We will accompany the employees until they are successful

We know that for changes to be sustainable, they have to come from the inside. It is because of this that we do not wish to give you an external, consulting service but instead to enable your employees to do this work on their own.
The emphasis of our trainings lies with the term “enabling”. Naturally, we will be supporting your employees with mentors during the Kaizen projects.

It will be during this phase that the participants must prove that they are in a position to moderate cross-functional teams from within your organization, and we will help them to implement improvements during the course of a Kaizen workshop.

The ideal result from such a workshop would be the implementation of a new value stream which is free of waste and brings significant savings. This result oriented form of human resource development will then have provided you with in-house resources that can shape and deliver continuously improving processes.

Six Sigma
Our certification standards are based on those provided by the ASQ (American Society of Quality).



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