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Six Sigma Black Belt
Increasing value for the customer by providing a sustainable reduction in process variation and implementing the principle of zero defects

“When you put technology in the hands of people, you can produce parts with better-than-average quality, but you can’t produce great cars.” (Toyota)

The participants will become experts in analyzing and improving process variation. Their goals will be:
  • to identify improvement potentials within the company, together with the local management, as well as to successfully implement the solutions
  • to be able to lead a team effectively
  • to apply tools and improvement methods effectively and efficiently
  • to implement Six Sigma methods within the organization in an exemplary manner

These are generally open courses consisting of a variety of companies from our alliance, facilitating an instant connection between the theoretical and practical aspects of the course in a multitude of industries. This opportunity allows the candidates to “think out of the box”.

Our Blackbelt training is divided into 5 sessions with 4 days of training each, and a break of 4-6 weeks between each session. This will give the participant time to try out the newly acquired tools in their own working environment, as well as giving you the opportunity to accompany your employees during the problem solving process. As with the Greenbelt, the Blackbelt will also be accompanied by a Master Blackbelt for the duration of his project.

The sessions include the necessary Six Sigma tools as well as project management skills. The latter include team building and soft skills. In order to provide the Six Sigma Blackbelt with the opportunity to use CIP tools we also teach them the foundations of the Toyota Production System.

Selecting the right candidate is vital to success. That is why we will support you during this critical process.



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