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Six Sigma Green Belt
Stabilizing processes with small project teams

“Losing your way is a great way of getting to know the area better!”

The participants will become practitioners of the DMAIC method and will be able to run improvement projects independently with the aid of a small project team. These projects will generally take place in their own working environment, but they will also be in a position to help Blackbelts and Master Blackbelts with projects in intersecting processes.

The trainings will take place in your own factory where possible, in order to create an immediate link between theory and practice. The ideal situation would be the opportunity to implement the acquired tools directly in your own working environment.

Our Greenbelt training is divided into two sections (2 sessions, of 3 days each with a break of 4-6 weeks). This will give the participant some time to try out the newly acquired tools in their own working environment, and give you the opportunity to accompany your employees during the problem solving process.

Our experience has shown that the best and longest lasting results were achieved when the candidate was supported by an experienced mentor. This is especially the case in areas where this technique was unknown, or where the cultural foundation had not yet been established.

People and teams are the focal point here, just like with all other forms of change. We therefore recommend that the Six Sigma Tools be supplemented with a brief instruction on the soft skills which will be required to provide effective team management.

We also recognize the value of understanding the foundations of the TPS, so that the Greenbelt may recognize a problem which requires the help of someone with the relevant qualifications.

While the Lean Basic is learning the tools required to reduce lead times, the Six Sigma Greenbelt receives the toolbox which can be applied to reducing their intrinsic variation.



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