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  Total Quality Control (TQC) - applying the principle of zero defects

“If all you have is a hammer, you may be led to believe that every problem is a nail.”

In the western hemisphere, Toyota’s principle of “Total Quality Control” emerged as “Six Sigma”.

Depending on its use (see General Electric), Six Sigma is a philosophy of operational excellence, a statistical method of problem solving and a metric to ensure process conformity. It is the perfect tool for stabilizing your processes.
We are however of the opinion that the bulk of your existing scrap and rework issues can be resolved within a quality circle, using only the 7 quality tools.
Once these basic tools lose their effectiveness, when all obvious reasons for waste have been eliminated, it is possible to resort to the box of statistical tools found in Six Sigma. An example of such a situation could be a problem which reoccurs sporadically but which cannot be pinned down easily through standard Kaizen activities, or a customer that is no longer satisfied with a PPM level of 1,350 (4.5 Sigma).

This way, Lean and Six Sigma complement each other very well. The ideal Lean manager should be in a position to decide which method will be most effective and efficient for each given situation.

Depending on how far you have come towards achieving the perfect organization, we will develop a tailor made combination of Six Sigma and Lean trainings to suit your corporate strategy.

The Lean Alliance provides Champion, Blackbelt and Greenbelt trainings as well as Design For Six Sigma. Our Master Blackbelts are experts in both Lean and Six Sigma. The contents of our trainings are developed to ASQ standard.

Training spectrum

Six Sigma Greenbelt
Conveys the basic tools required to reduce process variance using the DMAIC method. (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control).

Six Sigma Blackbelt
Training for those who will become full time Six Sigma specialists and use complex statistical tools to analyze problematic processes and achieve stability.

Six Sigma Champion
A requirement for process owners who will initiate and sponsor projects derived from your corporate strategy, as well as provide managerial support.


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