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Recognizing conflicts early on, proactively managing the process of change, and creating a socially pleasant environment.

“You can’t kick up dust and not expect someone to sneeze”. (Prince Philip of Great Britain)

The human being is at the centre of Lean implementation. The individual is a critical success factor. Whether, and how fast, changes are implemented depends entirely on him or her.

A continuous improvement process can last in your organization only if the employees can identify with the necessity and logic of the improvement measures which have been defined. If this is the case, they will carry these improvements and promote new ones.

This training rounds off our entire portfolio as it brings the individuals and their interpersonal skills to the forefront. Leading is about connecting with others.

We offer the following individual courses in line with the requirements needed to achieve a successful Lean implementation.
  1. Moderating and presenting: presenting project results in an effective and convincing manner.
  2. Creative skills: developing and using a person’s creative and innovative potential.
  3. Communication: using communication to facilitate decision making within the team.
  4. Team and conflict management: leading project teams efficiently as well achieving positive and constructive results from conflicts.

These topics are covered by specialized trainers who have in-depth theoretical knowledge and substantial experience in this subject matter. As always, these trainings will be performed in your local language.

The training is based on the idea of learning by doing: theory, exercises, feedback and discussions will lead to a greater level of understanding for the participant.

The specialized knowledge found in the Lean courses is complemented by the additional training in soft skills, and helps with the personal development of your change agent. The modules are ideal for Lean Basic and Lean Professional candidates (both direct and indirect) who have already qualified, as well as organizational leaders who are involved in the implementation of Lean within the company.


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