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Foundations of the Lean office

During this one week training the participants will learn how to use the standard Lean tools to effect process optimizations in indirect areas. After the training, the Lean Basic Transactional will be in a position to support the Lean Professional with simple analytical tools as well as leading small sub teams during the Kaizen workshops. The Lean Basic Transactional will also act as a catalyst for Lean philosophy within the organization.

The main topics are (among others):
Lean principles, waste in indirect areas, 5S and office Kaizen, value stream management, detailed process analyses with brown papers, flow and pull principles for the Lean office, office Kanban, work leveling, elimination of bottleneck processes, standardization, work analysis and office Kaizen.

The goals of the week are to comprehend the basics of Lean Transactional and acquire the ability to map a value stream independently as well as implement selected improvements on your own. As part of the certification process, you are required to implement selected tools within your own organization.


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