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Creating emphasis through specific topics

“The worst thing one can do is to change nothing.”
(Hiroshi Okuda, Toyota)

These one week courses focus on specific topics such as Toyota’s Production Preparation Process (3P), SMED, Kanban, FMEA, QFD, TRIZ, TPM, etc. During the week we will immerse ourselves in our collective knowledge of these specialized subjects. In many instances, we will use an actual case study from your own business to substantiate the theoretical discussions.

This way we can ensure that a well founded, theoretical knowledge will be acquired, while facilitating instant access to a practical application of the material.

You are free to choose any of the topics, which are essentially deepen the work of the Lean Professionals. Customers who have been members for several years have an increasing tendency to use these events to train specialists within their organizations.

Of course, the Lean Professional will have acquired a grounding in all these topics, but it is often the case that the implementation of, for example, cross-organizational TPM initiatives requires additional specialists to be trained. This is what the Lean Focus does best.


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