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Integrating and living the TPS philosophy

“Commitment is not identification!”
(Reinhard K. Sprenger)

The Toyota Production System is not simply a toolbox and concepts to be used for the optimization of production areas. It is a management philosophy in which the human dimension becomes the center of attention. Its purpose is to create new jobs and secure the future of organizations.

This 2-day training is a philosophical exercise for the management team accompanying the change process:
  • Preparing and mobilizing the company with respect to change.
  • Understanding the philosophy behind putting people at the forefront of the Lean company.
  • Learning to understand and capture the demands of the customer.
  • Being able to convert strategies into goals and Lean innovations within the Hoshin Kanri process.
  • Defining the change process using Value Stream Maps and Value Stream Designs.
  • Making the learning organization a reality by involving all supporting departments in the transformation process.

Our certification process will ensure that all the operational improvements that are implemented during our trainings are in line with your corporate strategies.
The training will also show how to select the right human resources for our trainings; indeed we would be pleased to help you during the actual selection process of your Lean Professionals, even after theoretical Lean Executive discussions have been completed. Our experience has shown that the right selection greatly enhances the success rate.


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