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Initiating and implementing Kaizen processes

“You can’t powerpoint your organization lean!”
(Peter Buitenhuis, voestalpine)

This training takes place over a period of 6 months with a 4-week break between each training module.

We cover all aspects of the TPS in detail during the Lean Professional training. We enable the participants to analyze and quantify the potential for eliminating waste, and show them how to prepare and implement the Kaizen events needed to make the ideas a reality.

We will give your employees a comprehensive selection of books prior to each training to allow them to focus their preparation efforts and ensure that everyone shares the same fundamental knowledge of the material in question.

The tools which are acquired will be implemented by the participants before the training week is over. They will be applied to a Value Stream, selected by you, which is strategically important to your business. This will result in a list of Kaizen projects aiming towards a value stream which is free of waste and in which the principles of flow and pull will be implemented. Participants will be coached by an experienced mentor in your local language.

The training will take place in different companies within the Lean Alliance. This not only gives the participants the opportunity to learn from each other, but also shows how Lean can be implemented in different industries. Through this experience, they will learn abstract thinking as well as the ability to look at their own processes from an outsider’s perspective.

After the completion of the course, the Lean Professional should become a full-time resource dedicated to the implementation of Kaizen workshops in your factories. The Lean Professional should lead the implementation of Lean on an organizational level, or take on another leadership role within the company.


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