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The main aspects of Lean production

“Toyota’s top managers scolded employees who did not try to implement new ideas or accept new challenges. They however did not scold those who took on something new and failed. The role of the senior manager is, and is acknowledged as being, to accept new ideas and challenges brought forward by employees and not to criticize them. That is when trial and error becomes possible.” (Kaneyoshi Kusunoki, Toyota)

This one week training conveys the essential parts of the Toyota Production System and an overview of the various tools and their implementation. The Lean Basic candidate can support the Lean Professional with simple analysis tools as well as leading small sub-teams during Kaizen workshops. The Lean Basic can also function as a catalyst of Lean thinking within the organization.

The goal is that the participants understand the foundations of lean production, can make their own Value Stream Map and implement selected improvements without additional instruction.

Applying a selection of the acquired tools in your own factory is an important part of the certification process.

The Lean Basic training takes place in a factory which is hosted by a member of the Lean Alliance network. This increases the recognition of the TPS as a universal concept and enables the hosting company to participate in the week’s output.


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