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Making indirect processes value added

“After Lean Production it was time for Lean Management.”
(Tatsuro Toyoda, 1989)

The founders of the Toyota Production System did not have any specific tools which could be used to optimize indirect processes (administration, marketing). The standard Lean Manufacturing tools were developed for the shop floor and can only be applied to services and supporting areas (transactions) after being adapted.

A close scrutiny of the time frame between order entry and receipt of payment typically reveals that a large part of the lead time does is not in fact taken up on the shop floor, but rather in administrative areas. Staff on the shop floor are likely to halt production if there is a lack of materials or information, whereas offices can usually keep on working. In transactional processes this leads to waiting times, double handling and other forms of waste. In the future, the ability to start production of incoming orders as soon as possible, with the shortest possible lead times and without the aid of a finished goods inventory will be the difference between a company which is successful and one which is not. Therefore the stability and lead time of the transactional processes will play an important role in gaining a competitive edge.

Our special Transactional Training Framework will allow you to integrate all administrative areas into your Lean philosophy and will provide your Lean experts with the tools to implement the principles of Lean in your offices.

Training spectrum

Lean Basic Transactional
This course complements the traditional Lean Basic course (shop floor) by covering all supporting departments and services.

Lean Communication
This is a special soft skills training for change managers or people who share responsibilities within the change process. This course also covers conflict management during Kaizen workshops.



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