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Sharing experiences and learning together

“Open the window. It's a great world out there.” (Sackichi Toyoda)

Open your organization to the outside world and learn from each other through networking.

The Lean Alliance considers itself to be an international network of companies from a diverse variety of industries. The common goal is the holistic implementation and consolidation of Lean principles within the organization, while learning from one another during the transformation process. The management of the Lean Alliance members meet several times a year to share their experiences.

The goal is firstly to find best practices and secondly to increase the awareness of “Gemba” among organizational leaders. This takes place during “Muda Walks” in which the managers are guided by our trainers.

The Muda Walk can also be used to make a detailed value analysis of a selected process, based on the concepts of TPS founder Taiichi Ohno. He himself obliged his future managers to stand inside a white chalk circle and observe a selected process continually for several hours!

The Round Table events are always dedicated to a specific TPS topic which is selected by the participants in advance (production flow, Kanban, 3P…). Participants also get to choose the most appropriate factory where this should take place. In this way, you can familiarize yourself with the theoretical aspects of the topic (through lectures and project examples given by the Lean Alliance members) as well as the practical aspects visible on the shop floor.



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