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a means to an end

“I want you to use your own common sense, and I want you to teach your employees to think on their own.” (Eiji Toyoda)

We are convinced that long term changes can only be made from within the organization. This is why we do not come to you as consultants but as qualified trainers and coaches. Our unique approach (sharing knowledge as a means to achieve your goals), brings clarity and independence to both sides of the table. Although we do not "consult" in the traditional fashion, we will accompany your employee’s right up to the point where sustainable improvements have been implemented. During the process, it is your employees who will be left in the "driver’s seat".

Aimed at reducing manufacturing costs, our training portfolio encompasses four major areas:
  • Lean Manufacturing
    the reduction of the lead time in production
  • Lean Transactional
    the reduction of lead time in administrative areas
  • Lean Engineering
  • the reduction of development lead time
  • Total Quality Control (Six Sigma)
    the reduction of process variance

The trainings cover the production shop floor as well as adjacent departments and administrative areas.

Result oriented training of employees
We do not offer individual workshops as we consider our trainings to be a high quality, integrated learning experience. We bring together important training materials into concise training modules which are built on an intuitive and interrelating structure. Each trainee will receive the knowledge and support that will complement his /her current competences. This will ensure that this person does not leave the course with individual pockets of knowledge, but instead will have a complete understanding of how the principles of Lean interact. The contents of our trainings are based on modern production methods and are highly relevant to today’s manufacturing industries.
We have structured our trainings to include 1/3 theory, 1/3 practice and 1/3 discussion to ensure as much “real world” input as possible.
We offer coaching and Round Table events (networking) as additional support services.

Our certification process guarantees that our trainings have a consistently high level of quality. Furthermore, the practical implementation of the knowledge which has been acquired ensures that both the participant (qualification) and the company (return on investment) can truly benefit from our training.

“Real world” exercises ensure “real world” relevance
Simply conveying the theory is not enough! Our strength lies in helping the trainees to actually implement the theory in practice using real business cases! Although we fall back on simulations and games in our trainings, don’t simply expect a virtual factory tour in which processes can be adjusted to suit. Our trainers are capable of demonstrating the effectiveness of the theoretical components in your own working environment with real world examples. This can only be successful if both the trainee and the trainer speak the same language and are willing to share their knowledge.


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