The Vision and Mission of the Lean Alliance

Our vision 

is to transform all production companies from a mechanistic to a “biological” system, in which people - with all their diverse capabilities and needs - are placed firmly in the center.

Our mission 

is to create a learning environment, through gemba-oriented trainings, where all team members can think, sense and improve together in accordance with mankind’s universal values.

As can be deduced by our previously described Vision and Mission, Lean Alliance does not see itself as a provider of tools, but as the transmitter of a holistic philosophy which seeks to show, especially to executives, wherein lies the passage into a new dimension.

In addition to sharing our expertise about systems and tools such as Flow and Pull in our trainings for change managers, we place a special emphasis on the transmission of a management culture which focuses on the new ways to manage total knowledge in companies.

The philosophy which lies under the surface in the iceberg picture is also part of  our conception of man.


Mangement Behaviour

The management style which underlies this conception of man puts the horizontal breadth of knowledge, the enriching of knowledge, and teamwork at the center of our thinking.